Wedding Details

Saturday 29, November 2023
7:00 PM
New Orleans, LA

Location will be on formal Invitation.

Bride & Groom

How we met In the Midst of COVID

During the early days of the pandemic, as Brandon returned home from clinic, he encountered Keia and her best friend cruising the neighborhood on a golf cart, sipping wine and enjoying music within their quarantine group. Captivated by the golf cart (or so he says), Brandon halted Keia at the subdivision's entry gate, inquiring about its origin and expressing his interest in obtaining a similar one. Keia Initially suggesting he search online, her friend nudged her, sensing Brandon's true lack of interest in the golf cart. Keia quickly adjusted her appearance and offered her number saying she would find the source for him. Brandon says, "God told me in that moment she was my wife" though initially uninterested in a wife, he said "She's pretty so I will just get her number", ultimately leading to a slow-paced courtship filled with virtual dinners and conversations over FaceTime. Several weeks later, Brandon finally asked Keia on a proper date, where they shared a memorable dinner, and she proclaimed him to be a perfect gentleman. As their love story unfolded, the pursuit of a golf cart took a backseat while the prospect of a lifelong partnership blossomed.

He asked & She said yes April 22, 2022

After 2 years of dating and being neighbors, Brandon asked Keia to be his wife on 4/22/22 during one of their routine Friday date nights. This one was different as she walked into Brandon's house filled with flowers, candles, an ice sculpture. a private chef and Chrisette Michele singing "A couple of forever" live standing in the landing. She said "YES" and They can't wait to say "I Do" in front of all of you.

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We hope you RSVP’d…

If you didn’t get to rsvp online before it closed, please contact the Bride or Groom directly.

Formal Invitation with more details to follow via Mail. 

Attire: All BLACK (color) Formal/ Semi-formal attire.

Ceremony Start Time: 7pm

No kids allowed.

Room Block:

The Four Seasons New Orleans (Hagler Wedding)

Call (504)434-5100

$295 per night: Superior King City View

$320 per night: Deluxe City View

Hotels near:

Harrah’s hotel: starting at $309 per night

Omni New Orleans: Starting at $149 per night

Riverside Hilton: Starting at $109 per night

Please do not feel obligated to buy us a gift, all that we are expecting is you! 
But those who would still like to, we are registered with William Sonoma and there will be a card box at the venue.

Thank you,
Brandon and Keia